Some details about me…

ZaeemI completed my MBA at Cambridge University, (Magdalene College). I’ve also picked up an MA in educational technology at the IoE, London and an MSc in Computer Science from UCL, where I also read as an undergraduate in Philosophy & Economics.


I spent some time back in 2000, in Tajikistan and Afghanistan working with the AKDN & UN/WHO. You can read my Afghan adventures here!



Some papers I’ve written:-
Marketing Experience Goods on the Internet: The Case for ‘Strong’ Word of Mouth
(MBA Dissertation, 1,923K pdf)

The Microworld of Phoenix Quest: Social and Cognitive Considerations
(Research & Development, 118K pdf)

DopeWars: An Activity Theoretic Analysis of a Constructionist Microworld
(Issues in ICT in Education, 164K pdf)

The Potential for Modelling and Learning with ‘The Sims’(TM)
(Learning with Virtual Worlds, 338K pdf)

The Importance of Discourse in Relation to Values and the Implications for Education (Habermas, J. and Rorty, R.)
(Education in Values, 131K pdf)

Ethical Discourse in Online Pedagogic Environments
(Dissertation, 620K pdf)

Aga Khan Humanities Project Paper on Ethics Education Online
(154K pdf)

ASRA Keynote Speech: The Nature of Volunteering in the Internet Age
(27K pdf)

Social Science Research Model
(9K pdf)

A Crash Course in Web Design: From Novice to Competent Web Developer in Only a Few Hours
(118K pdf, also in html format )